The dog ate his homework too

If explaining is losing then Trevor Mallard has well and truly lost the debate over his scalping tickets to a music festival.

Mr Mallard says he did not buy the tickets for the purpose of making a profit and saw nothing wrong with selling them when he discovered he could not use them.

He also says the anti-scalping law applies only to large international events like the Rugby World Cup, not music festivals like Homegrown.

I didn’t mean to, it just happened and this is different are up – or more accurately down – there with it’s not my fault, someone else made me do it and the dog ate my homework when it comes to attempts to excuse or justify misbehaviour.

It certainly looks like hypocrisy when, as a Minister, he sponsored legislation outlawing scalping.

It’s yet another SMOG (social media own goal)  and also looks like stupidity when a man who wants to help run the country can’t operate a TradeMe account.

It’s yet another opportunity for the government to have fun at his expense:

Someone who cares about the Labour Party should quietly disconnect his computer.

3 Responses to The dog ate his homework too

  1. Andrei says:

    Another example of our insubstantial political class wasting time on trivial, banal, nonsense.

    I’ll say no more


  2. robertguyton says:

    “Trivial, banal nonsense”

    Well said, Andrei.

    We should talk about sovereignty and accountability instead. Substantive issues.


  3. JC says:

    “We should talk about sovereignty and accountability instead. Substantive issues.”

    We could indeed. If we accept the Chinese bid we get a direct foreign investment of $210 million plus a guaranteed $14 million of improvements and entry to China markets.. these are part of the current deal.

    If we accept the Fay bid, we get a price that is *not* on the table of $170 million.. that is, if the Chinese bid is rejected the Fay bid is whatever it wants it to be with an eventual sale to foreign ownership.. after all, this is the guaranteed Fay operating style which saw several attempts to have him divested of his knighthood as he skipped the country ahead of the tax man and potential criminal charges over Tranzrail.

    The current NZ agricultural debt is $45 billion, of which 65% is related to dairy farming. If we accept the Fay bid we get a possible but unlikely bid of $170 million financed by foreigners with no guarantees that the group wont sell the land to other foreigners.. including the Chinese.

    Now the dirty little secret..

    Our current debts in 2010 were:

    Agriculture $47 billion
    Business $73 billion
    Housing $168 billion
    Consumers $12 billion
    Local authorities $7 billion

    Our creditors, principally the Chinese bond holders and others, the foreign banks, the international rating agencies and others are looking for trends in our spending, ie, are we seriously looking to reduce our $300 billion debt, or are we plunging ahead with our socialist view that the world owes us a living and will continue to fund our racial and xenophobic descent into inbred stupor.



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