The day or holiday?

If Christmas and Boxing Day or January 1st or 2nd fall on a weekend the following Monday (and Tuesday it both holidays are at the weekend) becomes the holiday.

This doesn’t happen with Anzac and Waitangi Days which are observed on the appropriate date regardless of which day it is. Once every few years when they February 6 and April 25 fall on Saturday or Sunday people lose out on a shorter week.

That is why there is a move to Mondayise these days.

I am not too bothered about Waitangi Day. It will impose an extra cost on employers who would have to pay staff time and a half and a day off in lieu, but no more than when the day falls on week days as it does more often than not.

But Anzac day is different. Its express purpose is to honour the people who served our country in wars and especially those who died or were wounded in doing so.

It’s not just a holiday like Queens Birthday or Labour Day and should not be treated as such.


5 Responses to The day or holiday?

  1. pdm says:

    Those advocating for this seem to overlook that ANZAC Day is a holiday only until 1pm and normal business resumes from then. It seems they also want it changed to a full day.


  2. robertguyton says:

    National took a whipping over this. That’s what a slim majority gets ya!


  3. I’ll check, but I’m pretty sure that last year, even though Christmas was a Sunday, we still commemorated it on the Sunday, and not on the Monday or Tuesday.

    pdm – ANZAC day is a full holiday. Employees working it get time and a half and a day in lieu. The rule about 1pm is about businesses opening. Businesses can open on Labour Day, and on Queen’s Birthday and on New Years Day and Boxing Day, etc. which are all holidays.

    But 3.5 days of the year are extra holidays: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and ANZAC morning, when businesses (with exceptions) are prohibited from operating.
    [Although Easter Sunday is not a holiday in time and half terms, because when that bit of our holidays legislation was written, it wasn’t worked generally, so why make a day off, when penal rates applied for those few who worked anyway, a holiday?]


  4. Ross says:

    My 2c – as an employer each year I allow for all 11 stat days to be holidays. When they aren’t that is a bonus for me.

    However, if Waitangi Day and ANZAC Day were mondayised (same drill as Christmas and New Year – observed when they fall, but still a statutory holiday the next Monday) I can’t see how that would be an issue to profitability or anything else – it certainly isn’t for me, as prudently I allow for those days to be holidays.

    An observation is – New Zealand is a pretty fantastic place to live when what occupies our public conversations is whether we have a couple more holidays every few years.

    My opinion, Mondayise them, and move on 🙂


  5. Andrei says:

    This whole discussion is an example of how as a culture we have developed a sense of entitlement.

    “Holiday” has as its root “Holy” day and Holy days are often known in Catholicism as days of obligation and thus days where you didn’t work because you were doing something else that took precedence. Which does not mean they were bleak days – indeed they are called FEASTS – even though some of them are somber (Good Friday) while others are joyful in extreme (Easter Sunday, Christmas). There are many more unknown to the secular but that do require some sort of attention from the faithful – some are still holidays (ie shops closed etc) in other parts of the world though forgotten and unmarked here

    Of course people cherish them now for the opportunity to put their feet up and perhaps get drunk while still being paid for work they are not doing.


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