Rates can’t keeping rising so steeply

Central government is focussed on cutting costs and reducing its burden on taxpayers.

The need to reduce the burden on ratepayers is at least as necessary but how many are really trying?

The Waitaki District Council’s proposed 7.41% rate rise for 2012/13 is a case in point.

That is well above the rate of inflation, as rates  rises throughout the country have been for far too long.

Rates can’t keep rising so steeply and some of the changes required to ensure they don’t might require changes in what central government requires from councils and allows them to do.

5 Responses to Rates can’t keeping rising so steeply

  1. Bulaman says:

    Again, If we don’t cut the high end salaries of these people they will continue to use as mugs/suckers to be fleeced..


  2. homepaddock says:

    If a council head could keep rates increases at or below inflation a high salary could be justified.


  3. Richard says:

    Needs more research across local bodies. But the increase seems to have begun with legislation from central government – health and safety is one


  4. homepaddock says:

    Richard – I agree demands from central government is part of the problem.


  5. Paranormal says:

    Most of the costs Central Governemnt foisted on locl governent occurred during Liabours 9 years (dog control & general competence etc.). If we only had a central govt. rates capping bill as well!


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