And Act’s new leader is . . .

. . .  absolutely no surprise:

John Banks has been confirmed as ACT’s new leader.

As the party’s sole MP, he is already parliamentary leader.

A caucus of one was hardly going to vote for anyone else and it would have been yet another dagger in the party’s heart had the board given the role to anyone else.

3 Responses to And Act’s new leader is . . .

  1. Gravedodger says:

    It is the Board that appointed Brash from outside the parliamentary team and with Catherine Issac clearly a person of the Party’s future and serious doubt on the fit of Banks with the established philosophy of ACT it was not so much surprising as Mystifying.

    If Act are to make the political space to the right of National then rebuilding the brand is the task at hand, I do not see John Banks as the person to do that but operating in the parliament under the leadership of say Issac could be the way forward.


  2. How long before Banks tries for second base with the Conservatives?


  3. robertguyton says:

    Banks chooses self!

    I’m flabbergasted.
    Who would have picked that???


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