Quotas beat bureaucrats

Europe is concerned about a dwindling supply of fish and over-fishing.

The quota system used in New Zealand could solve the problem but as Tim Worstall points out the prescription being suggested is more of what caused the problem:

Their solution? More bureaucrats and politicians.

They fail to note that those places which have solved this problem have done so by insisting upon private ownership of the right to fish a particular stock. Essentially, moving fishing from being a form of hunting to being a form of farming.

It’s a classic Commons Problem one solved by, as Hardin said they could be, allocation of private property rights. But this being the nef they’d never actually say that because, well, you know, property is theft, innit?

The problem from the bureaucrats point of view,  with the obvious solution is that it requires little if any input from them and therefore puts their jobs at risk.


2 Responses to Quotas beat bureaucrats

  1. Andrei says:

    Quotas are just a way a beneficent Government can dole out favours to those it is beholden too.

    Thus the quota owners, who have had in most part zero connection to fishing until they got their slice of the action, then do deals with real fishermen from other lands to catch the fish in old boats crewed with third world crews and laugh all the way to the bank.

  2. George says:

    The NZ quota system does work, but it should have the quota tied to actual fishing boats. There’s too many ‘investors’ that keep raising the lease price to real fishermen. Bycatch species ownership increases the hold they have over fishermen who don’t have enough to cover the incidental catch along with their own quota.
    The Sealords deal would have been great to ‘get maori out fishing’ if it had been tied to them [and everybody else] fishing their own allocation.

    The bureaucrats of the QMS are worse than the IRD, so that aspect is unchanged. They think they came first, then the fish.

    Couple that with the Labour idealogues who have tied up great swathes of coastal waters to “protect the fish” — B.S. it does, its the Qouta Management System that does that.

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