Retirement rumours ignore facts

The left’s latest plan is the desperate hope  that John Key’s second term is already looking more difficult than the first and so he’ll retire before the next election but:

This is guesswork based on nothing more than supposition that he is not as addicted to power as a Helen Clark or a Jim Bolger who would have stayed on into their dotage if allowed.

It is also ignoring a couple of salient facts.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly said he will complete this term and he has worked very hard to ensure he keeps his word, even though the financial and natural crisis which punctuated his first term gave him plenty of excuses to do otherwise.

The second is that people who succeed in business and life as he has don’t give up when the going gets tough.

He brought his family back to New Zealand, made considerable personal and financial sacrifices and entered politics because he believes New Zealand can succeed and he has a plan to help us do that.

It was never going to be easy and the various challenges, beyond anyone’s control, which his government has had to face since 2008 have made it even more difficult.

They have also made the need to reverse the tax, borrow and spend policies of the Clark governments and replace them with ones which foster real growth based on exports, savings and investment even greater.

His government has made some tough decisions and there has been a positive change in direction.

The idea that he would give up now just because it’s not going to be easy and let the left back into power before the necessary changes are cemented in is ludicrous.

It also says a lot about Labour’s desperation and lack of a plan, if they’re basing their hopes of a reversal in their polling on unfounded rumours.

One Response to Retirement rumours ignore facts

  1. pdogge says:

    No HP, not Labour this time but the Party of Capital’s friend, The NZH’s, John Armstrong and also very good friend, Fairfax and their scribes.

    Worth a quiet wee think methinks


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