Facts missing from figures

The Sunday Star Times put the sale of the Crafar Farms into perspective with a story on how much land has been sold to people from which countries in the last five years.

Figures released by the Overseas Investment Office show that of the 872,313 hectares of gross land sold to foreign interests over the past five years only 223 hectares were sold to Chinese.

People from the landlocked principality of Liechtenstein had purchased 10 times more land than the Chinese – 2,144ha in the same period.

The top buyers were the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. The United States had 194 purchases for a total of 193,208ha.

The figures do not show if there are any New Zealand ownership shares involved.

Nor do the figures show how many of the purchasers were sales from foreigners to foreigners and Inquiring Mind points out the difference between net sales and gross sales.

Nor do they include how much land owned by foreigners was sold back to New Zealanders.

Last week the sale of land to foreigners got a lot of attention but the purchase of foreign-owned shares in Dairy Holdings by New Zealanders has not got nearly as much attention.

Yet this sale brought a 25% share in 58 farms covering nearly 15,000 effective hectares, back into local ownerhsip.

Another omission from the discussion on sales of land to farmers is facts on what they do with it.

A farm in our neighbourhood is owned by  Frenchman. We have friends from Wales and the United States who own land here and whose farming and environemtnal practices and community involvement would put many New Zealand farmers to shame.

It isn’t where the owners come from, it’s what they do with the land that really matters.

3 Responses to Facts missing from figures

  1. Reblogged this on rivettingKateTaylor and commented:
    Agreed. We seem to be scared of the Chinese.


  2. JC says:

    “We seem to be scared of the Chinese.”

    And so we should be.. and scared of the Koreans, the Vietnamese and the Indians because they work and save and send their kids to our universities.

    Today they own the dairies, the market gardens and the 4 Squares and the taxis, but their kids will own the future. Instinctively I think we understand this.

    An historian once wrote (forget who it was now) that war is only one way to take over a country, but mostly its the groups who make best use of land and natural resources who displace the locals. To that I guess we can add these young Asians who are getting solid in the professions, local government and Govt depts.. they are the ones who have done the hard yards in the sciences at university and those who will increasingly be able to dominate in their chosen fields.. Asians are already over 10% of the population and 20% of the Auckland area.. and growing.. its impossible that with their work ethic they wont strike out fully into the economic life of the country.

    If the Govt had stopped the sale of the Crafer farms for no better reason than xenophobia.. then it would have been an insult to 10% of the population and an incredibly bad message to send to the Asian nations we trade with. Like it or not.. we are in an Asian century and sphere of influence.

    I might add that one of the things that is happening with China.. is that in pushing into NZ and other Western type countries they are forced to become integrated into our culture, our laws and prohibitions and the things we respect, and thats a good thing.



  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    JC agree totally, the issue is work ethic, looking forward not back and delivering value be it education, product or $


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