How many monarchs in a lifetime?

My parents lived under four monarchs, all from the House of Windsor – George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II.

I’ve known only one, Queen Elizabeth, who is celebrating 60 years on the throne and is second only to Queen Victoria in the length of her reign.

8 Responses to How many monarchs in a lifetime?

  1. pmofnz says:

    Let’s hope the next one has an extremely short reign. The thought of ‘Three in a bed’ Queen Camilla leaves me cold.


  2. Andrei says:

    If there is any sense left in Britain they will bypass Charles using the Edward the VIIIth precedent.

    I am a monarchist at heart but Charles is totally unacceptable and our Prime Minister needs to go on record with the Brits over that,

    Mind you Mr Key is probably a closet republican and King Charles III with his divorced consort would be a republicans wet dream.


  3. Key isn’t a closet republican. He’s been pretty open about it, particularly during his BBC interview. There will be no moves while he is PM, or words to that effect.


  4. Sorry, that’s rather unclear. The “it” I was talking about was his position on the republic debate.


  5. Gravedodger says:

    My Dad was a subject of 6 Monarchs and that is pretty much a possible.


  6. pdm says:

    My father born 25/12/1900 also had 6 six monarchs.

    Two for me and who knows I might see a third.


  7. pdogge says:

    Me 4…golly…I dont feel old ..but…


  8. Michael says:

    Three makes me feel absolutely ancient but my father lived through six.


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