The other David Shearer interview

Live radio doesn’t always go as planned and on Wednesday Jamie Mackay couldn’t get hold of two of his interviewees.

One was me. I was at a meeting in Wellington, turned  on my phone at the start of the lunch break but forgot it was on silent and missed Jamie’s call.

The second was  Labour leader David Shearer. When Jamie couldn’t get hold of him he invited West Coast dairy farmer and National’s West Coast-Tasman electorate chair to take off his right-wing hat and put a red cloth cap on instead.

You can hear Andy as himself and as David Shearer here.

Highlights from the latter include an attempt to explain Labour’s policy on no land sales to foreigners:

“We think the Chinese are left, a little bit red like us so I think we’ll be able to sit down and explain this to them. I think they’ll understand our position nicely I mean we’re all on the left hand side of the fence here so I don’t think there’s any problem with that, Jamie . . . “

And in answer to Jamie’s question about media training:

“. . . but I think the best media training I could probably get would be Trevor Mallard, definitely.”

If you want to hear Jamie’s interview with the real Shearer, he caught up with him on Thursday and the interview is here.

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