Silly little boys


“Because our society, New Zealand society, Western society in general, has been hijacked by a conspiracy of Silly Little Boys. They’re everywhere; in the schools, in the media, in the public service, in the judiciary, even in Cabinet.

Everywhere we turn, the foundations of feminity, the pillars of female-ness which have underpinned the construction and development of our very civilisation, are being undermined, by Silly Little Boys. And we are putting up with it.”

Those two paragraphs are no sillier than the latest outpouring of stupidity by New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser uncovered by The Hand Mirror.

12 Responses to Silly little boys

  1. scrubone says:

    Yep, that’s pretty dumb.


  2. Andrei says:

    “Everywhere we turn, the foundations of feminity, the pillars of female-ness which have underpinned the construction and development of our very civilisation, are being undermined, by Silly Little People. And we are putting up with it.”

    Call me antediluvian if you will but the gender wars are utter stupidity.

    For the love of me I do not understand why people have been conned from the understanding that men and women are complementary not in competition nor necessarily interchangeable.

    In what way is the world improved if we turn out female boilermakers and male kindy teachers?

    Why force square pegs into round holes for an empty ideology?:

    In my younger days I worked in a robustly male environment and I loved it. In such environments where women have come in it has been at the expense of robust masculinity and usually with a reduction in the physical requirements to enter therein – which means the military in most cases and not so much boiler shops where swinging a 16lb sledge etc for hours might be a necessity.

    It aint that clever really.

    And there are some things where a man and a women in perfect harmony create sheer magic (and a man and woman together can create new life which when it comes down to it is the whole point).


  3. Julie Fairey says:

    All credit to the Wellington Young Feminists’ Collective, who covered it on Facebook. Thanks for the linky lovin’. 🙂


  4. pdm says:

    Where does Winston find these nutters?

    Oh I know – like finds like.


  5. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – what’s the problem if anyone wants to do any job providing s/he has the ability to do it?

    The world is improved if we treat people as people and don’t put barriers in the way of doing work they want to do and are capable of doing.


  6. Andrei says:

    Andrei – what’s the problem if anyone wants to do any job providing s/he has the ability to do it?

    Where to start?

    Is it a good idea to employ an overtly homosexual male in an early childcare center? Or is this just going to lead to disaster?

    We know the answer to this because it has happened.

    Likewise is it a good idea to employee young females at the peak of their fertility in roles where they will be confined in close quarters with young men for long periods of time? What will happen? Why will it happen?

    I’ll tell you what happens, many of the girls get pregnant because that is what nature has designed to happen And it works this way because every species needs to procreate in order to survive. The ivory tower gender studies people can claim gender is a social construct not necessarily related to biological gender until the cows come home and whine that it is unfair that females carry the cost of reproduction from now until eternity but it not going to change a thing.

    All cultures develop ways of managing the bearing and raising of children – those that do it well prosper, those that don’t die out.

    We try and find ways of sharing the burdens with regard to raising children between males and females – our way was the institution of monogamous marriage which is more humane than bride stealing and harems (another common structure because it works with regard to having lots of children) – but when it comes down to it the people who own the future are the people who have kids and who transmit their culture to their children.

    And if it is the Bride stealers who win your female descendants wont be flying supersonic jets, they will be playthings in a best.


  7. David Winter says:


    I really shouldn’t bother, but that’s just such spectacular load of nonsense.

    Could you actually provide a sensible reason why we should organise society in a such a way that women who wish to be plumbers, doctors or scientists (or men that want to be house-husbands, nurses or teachers) are discouraged from that goal?


  8. Andrei says:

    No it is not nonsense David – big big subject lots of angles biology, including evolutionary biology, culture etc.

    Take this point – suppose a woman aspires to be a brain surgeon, that is years and years of study and hard work, long hours etc. By the time she gets there she is close to the end of her child bearing years and she is also on a treadmill – take time off and there is a big catch up before she can practice brain surgery again. Its a stark choice – career or children in that field of endevour.

    Another one – men and women think differently – I know you’ll blow a raspberry at that but they do. Teaching has become a feminized occupation, so much so that most males are no longer comfortable in that environment. Less than one in twenty of new primary school teachers is male today. It is also high risk for a male to work with children in that accusations of sexual abuse of children will ruin your life forever so why risk it.

    The bottom line is if a woman becomes a brain surgeon and has one or no kids while the woman on the DPB has six or more it is the descendants of the woman on the DPB carrying her culture who will inherit New Zealand.


  9. David Winter says:

    I’m afraid these are but wild and whirling words Andrei,

    Biology might tell us about how to the world is, but not what we should do about it. I’m still waiting for a reason why we should discourage people from pursuing a particular career because of the type of chromosomes they have.


  10. Andrei says:

    David – what this is all about is getting girls from privileged backgrounds into the professions.

    The cost is paid for by those who do not come from privileged backgrounds and are destined to do the real work that keeps you nice and comfortable in your ivory tower studying flatworms in petri dishes or whatever you do – which I’m sure is a more congenial way of spending your time than digging drainage ditches in the rain.

    Its all well and good to say “girls can do anything” and then put someone like Leading Seaman Faye Turney in an inflatable in the Persian Gulf to try and prove the point.

    Of course swanning around the Persian Gulf sure beats being at home to wipe her two year olds snotty nose, a lot more fun I’m sure and all very modern I’m sure until …….

    Until she comes across an Iranian Warrior in the Persian Gulf and then the party is over, the fun stops now – because of course neither she nor her PCified buddies are up to dealing with an Iranian Warrior (the real world has intruded upon the liberal fantasy one).

    And nobody seeks to ask what the hell was a mother of a two year old child doing playing sailors in an inflatable more than 6000 kms away from her baby – duh

    The party we have all enjoyed and that was paid for in blood sixty years ago is coming to an end because we have not produced enough children and we have murdered more than the current population of the South Island just so we can have 2/3 of middle class office workers female – that would be lawyers, accountants, public servants and so forth.

    To coin a word this is just not sustainable.


  11. David Winter says:


    I really don’t know what to say – a simple question ends in this flood on non sequiturs, inferred motives, insults and confirmation bias. I’m sure you’ll think I’m being a smart ass in saying this , but I genuinely feel sorry for you. Looking at world is such a misanthropic way must be very depressing.


  12. Andrei says:

    Looking at world is such a misanthropic way must be very depressing.

    Me misanthropic? I love humanity, cherish it for all its failings – it is the greatest thing in all creation.

    Which is why love kids and lament the holocaust of abortion.

    Wouldn’t you say aborting a child so as not to impede your climb up the corporate feeding chain was more misanthropic.

    We are not here for very long David, what we do with our time and what we leave behind is important.

    And there are things much bigger and important than our personal indulgences and whims. There is such a thing as responsibility to others.

    Again I’ll put it to you the people who own the future are the people who have children and they will carry whatever culture their parents had to a more or less greater extent. And if that culture is a degraded and debased one – then the future will be a degraded and debased one.

    Why do we have an epidemic of child abuse in this country today?

    Because my friend the underclass are the people breeding most profusely and that is because the government in its wisdom subsidizes them to do so – while the more privileged if and when they have children do not have very many as a rule.


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