Saying it doesn’t make it “green”

Quelle surprise – a label saying something’s  green doesn’t necessarily make it so:

Eco-friendly labels are becoming more ubiquitous, but they may be misleading.

Six cases of alleged “greenwashing” – the use of environmental claims that are unsubstantiated, misleading or irrelevant – are being investigated by the Commerce Commission .

“Green” is the new black but it’s very difficult to know what’s greenwash and what’s not.

[Commerce Commission competitions manager Greg]Allan said there had been cases when “biodegradable” and “recyclable” had allegedly been used for products, when there were not facilities in New Zealand able to do the biodegrading or recycling.

Even if the facilities were here how would we know what the environmental impact of the biodegrading and recycling was and if the cost of doing it was justified by the benefit?

The cost might not matter to the well-off but it would make the difference between affordability or not for many others.

That is not a justification for environmental degradation but a reminder that sustainability is the balance between economic, environmental and social concerns.


6 Responses to Saying it doesn’t make it “green”

  1. Bulaman says:

    Of course our ETS is the best candidate for a gold star in useless greenwash. Increasing energy costs at 1 percent more than inflation can be sheeted to the door of the ETS. The price increase of petrol and electricity are based on $25 /tonne and the companies can buy those credits overseas for $7 to $12 and pocket the difference!

  2. Andrei says:

    It all seems so friggin pointless – its a symptom of a mindless middle class with empty heads and too much money.

    We employ people to “certify” things are green, we punish people who claim thing are “green” when the authorities rule they are not.

    Pay us to certify your product or we will screw you with big fines.

    Classic extortion racket.

  3. Bulaman says:

    My mistake $7 could be a bit on the high side!!

  4. Funny thing is, after all this nagging, I am getting turned off by green claims.
    I am starting to get less inclined to purchase something if it claims to be eco-friendly.
    And when you stay in a motel or hotel and they want you to re-use your towels as they are an eco-friendly hotel, I just think “what bollocks, they just don’t want the expense of washing them!”

  5. […] arises though when brands are dishonest or a company is amoral (see all the controversy with greenwashing, pinkwashing, and Susan G Komen / Planned Parenthood PR […]

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