Food safety’s the key

It’s not just growing demand for food but safe food which makes New Zealand dairy products and the land which produces them so attractive:

It’s not just New Zealand’s temperate climate and ability to grow lush green  grass that has caught the eye of Chinese investors.

Our ability to produce high quality milk cheaply and efficiently is matched  only by our ability to do so safely.

As an analyst for NZX, Susan Kilsby has compiled a report on the booming  Chinese dairy industry. She says for the Chinese, it’s all about food  security.

“It’s not just setting up the farm, it’s also the security of supply chain  from the time the milk leaves the cow to the time it reaches the consumer  product at the end,” she said.

Our reputation for food safety is priceless and something we must do everything in our power to safeguard.

I don’t have any problem with the sale of farm land to foreigners as mandated by current legislation. But we do need to ensure that any food which is produced in, and marketed as from, New Zealand conforms to our standards.


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