No “only” about $40 better off

The woman who complains that she was “only” $40 better off in work shows the scale of entitleitis in New Zealand.

There is no “only” about $40 a week. That’s $160 a month and $2080 a year.

But the whole pay packet is worth more to her and to society than the money.

It’s money she earns and families whose income comes from work do better than those dependent on benefits.

But it’s not just she and her family who are better off.

When she’s earning money she is no longer taking money from the public purse.

Instead of complaining she’s “only” $40 better off she should be grateful she no longer needs what ought to be temporary assistance; that she’s got the ability to help herself and her family; and that she has a job with the non-monetary benefits that come with that, not least of which is independence.

3 Responses to No “only” about $40 better off

  1. Quintin Hogg says:

    Does the $40 include or exclude WFF.
    The article, if it can be called that, is silent on the point.
    This woman has 4 children which would result in quite a substantial contribution from that source.
    Just a thought.


  2. Well said Ele. She also has the opportunity to work hard, and earn pay rises or promotions based on merit. Then her “only $40 per week” might become “only $100” or even only “$200”. But she’ll also have the increase in self-esteem that comes from working hard, and earning a reward; assuming, of course, that she sticks it out.


  3. jabba says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the story .. it clearly shows how some people think these days. She is 26 with 4 kids and no mention of haing a husband or partner.
    Now, is a single mum (if that is the case) with 4 kids,going to find a high paying job in Ozzy?? godd luck with that one


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