What will Labour’s union mates think of this?

David Shearer says it’s not his place to interfere in the dispute between Ports of Auckland and the Maritime Union.

“If I thought my comments would make a difference to the resolution I  would, but I think that’s something that’ll happen between the two parties, not  with my involvement.”

Who can blame him for not wanting to side with a union which Cactus Kate shows is clearly sexist and racist and is also out of mantrol?

It’s not like an opposition leader to decline an opportunity for publicity but when the union is on a path to nowhere he wouldn’t want to join them.

But what will Labour’s union mates who have so much power in , and provide so much money to, the party think?

2 Responses to What will Labour’s union mates think of this?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    With that effort and the rather underwhelming reappearance on the “News” last night not the greatest opening salvo.

    Methinks Brian and Judy have some lucrative work coming in.


  2. Who’d have ever thought that MUNZ Local 13 members would oppose the appointment of Pasifika staff?


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