Technology can’t think for you

Technology can’t think for you.

This piece of wisdom was given to us by a nurse who was telling us that an apnœa monitor was a useful tool but it wasn’t a substitute for our eyes, ears and judgement.

This advice applies equally to GPS navigation.

Our first experience with GPS was in Spain. We soon learned to plan our route first with an old fashioned paper map and to know the names of places en route to and after our destination because road signs sometimes appeared to contradict the instructions from Josephine which is what we named the French woman on the dashboard.

We also learned that the GPS wasn’t always up to date, sometimes didn’t know about new roads and never knew about detours because of road works though we never got told to do a U-turn on a motorway.

One Response to Technology can’t think for you

  1. Stephanie says:

    In your post you have successfully outlined the difference between being able to read and being literate. Judging conditions and responding to them.


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