Bad weather’s good and bad

We woke to welcome rain yesterday and it was pretty well spread.

That’s great weather for pastures.

Most crops probably enjoyed the drink too but it’s not good for stone fruit which splits after rain.

It wasn’t good for driving other and could have been a contributing factor to at least one of the crashes in a horrific 24 hours on southern roads.

We know two of the people who died in one of those accidents, one of whom is dead and the other in hospital.

If the details given to us by a friend are correct the cause was a there-but-for-the-grace-of-God-go-I set of circumstances.

A friend who does some rally driving said he tries to concentrate just as hard when driving at any time as he does in rallies. It’s good advice but I doubt if any of us could say we do that for every second of every journey, especially on rural roads we travel often and rarely meet other traffic.

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