Which century is this?

The surname Beer could well give you a penchant for brewing but it doesn’t guarantee you entry into a home-brew competition:

Rachel Beer, 36, this week tried entering her home brew in a competition at Saturday’s upcoming Lake Hayes A&P Show only to find out it’s a “blokes only” contest.

“Who cares if I have or haven’t got balls?” Beer fumes. “At the end of the day a home brew is a home brew.”

Beer, whose tipple is called ‘Beer’s Beer’, was told by the chief steward she could enter but wouldn’t be judged.

Someone needs to tell the show committee it’s the 21st century.

Hat Tip:Credo Quia Absurdum Est

5 Responses to Which century is this?

  1. Andrei says:

    Like who cares – the Little Rock Nine fought a fight worth fighting.

    This is banal – the committee who organized this are probably stupid, as is the woman boo hoo hooing to the press over it.

    We should just ignore these petty little grievance squabbles – there are real issues, injustices in this world – lets works on fixing those


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  3. pdm says:

    Home brewers tend to have a different perspective on things at best. Last Friday my nighbour turned up with a bottle and said `try some of this – I don’t think it is very good..

    He was wrong – it was bloody awful.


  4. Gravedodger says:

    Over 3 decades ago I was farming slap bang in the middle of what now is world renowned as a Wine district, Waipara.
    We had a dessert grape vine on our garage wall and I made a couple of wines from the fruit.
    The following spring I bottled some of each in clear wine bottles and took them to the Amberley A&P show.
    After the judging on investigating how it had turned out, there were no prizes, but a person who turned out to be the judge asked if my entries were mine and inquired about the background of my efforts.
    Evidently the bottles I used did not comply so the contents were not judged but he had sampled them and told me both the white and the red were clearly the best on offer.
    If he was just being nice or honest I have no idea but I decided to feel proud if somewhat miffed that my clear glass bottles were non compliant and my wines were best on show.


  5. jmsinnz says:

    I’d love to help Rachel – by creating a Facebook page like these http://www.facebook.com/customfacebpages

    If anyone knows how to get in touch with her, I’d appreciate a note sent to james@jamessamuel.co.nz

    Thanks for the blog.


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