Fast food frighteners

A rule of thumb for the nutritional value/healthiness of food is how good it will taste cold tomorrow.

Most fast food fails that test.

Another test is how long food will last without decomposing.

A story of a six-month old Happy Meal elicited responses from people who’d kept take-aways for up to 15 years without any visible sign of decomposition.

 . . . his mother-in-law has kept the food, and the Happy Meal box it came in, for 15 years. He writes:

The paper is actually deteriorating faster than the food. It’s been sitting in a dark closet all this time, no bugs, no mold, no nothings. Every now and then she pulls it out and we look in wonder at how nothing has changed, still looks like a happy meal.

There are questions about the validity of these claims.

Mcdonalds refutes them and the story links to an experiment which compares the longevity of fast food and a home-made burger.

But why let the facts get in the way of some really good fast food frighteners?

14 Responses to Fast food frighteners

  1. Andrei says:

    MacDonalds sell damn good nutritious food that you can rely upon not to give you food poisoning.

    MacDonalds crime is not the food they sell it, is that they have developed a successful business model, based upon quality and cheap prices that has provided earned wealth to those who have adopted it as well millions possibly hundreds of millions of jobs for young people to support themselves while undertaking higher education.

    The pathology of the western mind most particularly those who have grown up in wealth and privilege all their lives is to instinctively loath anybody or any activity that generates wealth and to whine about how it is bad, very bad for whatever reason they can dream up out of their tiny, self centered, bitter little minds.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    No problems with cold KFC and Pizza Hut product, very rarely do the products of the well known Scottish family chain but do buy from the king, but only because I am hungry and leftovers do not result.
    It is convenience food after all.


  3. johnsonmike says:

    It’s “reject” not “refute” Ele, unless they have put up some peer-reviewed evidence to rebut the claims.

    However I do not believe for one moment that a Happy Meal — or any cooked food whatever — will look the same as it was served for months on end.

    I was buying Equal in the supermarket the other day and someone came up and said he used it for ant-killer. If you Google that you will see there is international belief in such a nonsensical claim, just as there is in the claims that McDonald’s food is so bad for us it does not decay.


  4. pdm says:

    There is nothing wrong with `shark and taties’ reheated in the microwave the next day or even the day after that. One son in law eats them cold for breakfast with no ill affects.


  5. robertguyton says:

    Vegetables, fresh from your own garden.


  6. homepaddock says:

    JM: Refute: 1. To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof. 2. To deny the accuracy or truth of.

    I’m not keen on their food, but many’s the bottle of water I’ve bought at McDoanlds when travelling so that I can use their loos which are almost always clean.


  7. robertguyton says:

    Have you thought that through, Ele?
    Buy a bottle of water from one McDonalds so that you can use their loo – have to stop at the next because you have to go, because of the water you drank from the first – buy a bottle there so that you can use their loos…you’re caught in a vicious cycle of golden arches and…I want to, but I can’t say it 🙂


  8. johnsonmike says:

    Refute: 1. To prove to be false or erroneous; overthrow by argument or proof. 2. To deny the accuracy or truth of.

    The latter is just the lazy adaption of the word. Surely that was banged into you when you started in journalism? It was with me.


  9. fredinthegrass says:

    Aha, Rg. Reminds me of a trip undertaken with my wife’s parents many years ago..
    We were holidaying in Tasmania – I was in charge of driving. On coming to a village we spied a pup. Father-in-law suggested a comfort stop was in order. Duly relieved he then said we should have a beer………….Many stops later I was sure my delightful Mother-in-law knew exactly what was going on!!!!!!


  10. robertguyton says:

    Was that back when you were a pup, fred?


  11. homepaddock says:

    JM – I don’t recall any discussion on refute at journalism school. That could be a refleciton on my memory rather than the teaching.

    I accept that it used to mean disprove but usage has broadened the meaning. The Shorter OED (2002) says: 1 refuse or rejcet (a thing or person). 2 Prove (a person) to be wrong. 3 Prove (a statement) to be false or incorrect, disprove. 4. Deny, repudiate. Freq considered eron.

    Robert – I have noticed the in-out-in-out cycle.


  12. Mike Johnson says:

    Even your Wiktionary cut-and-paste goes on to say it is disputed.


  13. JC says:

    Back in the 50s and early 60s, Heaven was fish and chips on Friday with the family, and as I earned a few bucks, that branched out to a feed of F&C at a restaurant with a plastic checked table cloth on the table and fake crystal containers of vinegar and Worcester Sauce with a red round plastic tomato for the tomato sauce and lashings of white buttered bread. Tea was the favoured (and mostly only) drop apart from Bushell’s Essence.

    Later in the 60s meant intensified work and higher levels of rugby.. and on the weekend that meant rugby followed by an upmarket pub with lashings of booze and the latest 60s songs. Anybody present in the mid 60s at Brents in Rotorua will remember a tall blonde with an expressionless face who got up with her mates to dance, and before the fascinated gaze of dozens of rugby players, as she danced her petticoat slipped below her dress and gradually went lower and lower.. she was unapproachable because she was a Brents icon..

    Then at 6.15 closing it was off to a party.. but often preceded by a REAL hamburger.. not the skinny offering of a decade earlier with its burnt offering of bun, pattie and limp lettuce, but a fried bun, fried onions and pattie, lashings of tomato sauce, tomato slices, beetroot and an egg.. Heaven again!

    Skipping ahead..

    I recall the wonder of the 70s at the “Rumbling Tum” in Masterton where fish and chips was cooked in oil and the product was crisp and had a healthy golden glow and then in the 80s and 90s the quite magnificent Micky D’s hamburgers with the Special Sauce. When you are doing 100,000 kms pa and doing deals on shoebox size mobile phones the Golden Arches supplied the comfort food of choice.. and a product that held together whilst driving at 140km/hr to the next appointment..

    But now, as I approach my seventh decade, I find I can do better than those fabulous feeds of yore.. at home. I have the time and the interest to do fish in more interesting ways, and the hamburgers are simpler and more in tune with what we grow and the sauces are variations of what mother used to make.

    Funnily enough, just an hour or two ago, I rooted around in the back shed and pulled out the old three legged charcoal burner. Although we have the obligatory gas BBQ the size of a small car it isn’t used much until the kids and their families come around. Now I just want to recreate the simplicity of burning snags and chops and kebabs for two, and of course, use it more because of the no cleaning element.



  14. My son is currently doing a science project on this very subject and our results make me doubt all these claims of keeping fries for years without any mold or discoloration. We are only 2 weeks in and the McDonalds fries are the WORST looking. They are covered in so much mold! The fries I made (that started as freshly cut potatoes) are moldy, but its minimal.


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