Treasury seeks cost-cutting suggestions

Treasury’s Cross Agency Programme Management Office is asking for good ideas from the private sector to cut government’s costs and lift the public service’s effectiveness.

The government department is “testing the market for innovative ideas” in a bid to make cash savings and improve the public sector’s efficiency by improving collaboration across different agencies, according to a tender document. The registration of interest (ROI) is seeking ideas to “improve the way government works” without asking for anything in specific.

“Submissions should indicate the agencies that would most benefit from adoption of the idea or would be natural leads to management implementation,” the document said. “The primary purpose of this ROI is to seek general information that will assist the Treasury in identifying ideas with potential for government to improve efficiency and effectiveness through cross-agency or all-of-government initiatives.”

A good place to start is by asking if we need each agency. It’s possible the answer would be no and that the best some agencies could do to save money and lift effectiveness would be to disappear altogether.

If the answer is yes, then the next question should be: could they perform at least as well and for a lower cost if they merged with other similar entities?

Some may well be better as they are but there could be benefits in mergers for others.

It’s early days yet but if the new Ministry of Primary Industries, formed from the merger of  three separate ministries lives up to expectations it could be a model for other mergers.

4 Responses to Treasury seeks cost-cutting suggestions

  1. pmofnz says:

    2x for the new MPI – bin ETS and NAIT – both are ineffective bureaucracies in the making with totally negative effect.


  2. Judge Holden says:

    What trite, facile nonsense. What you’re proposing is nothing but costly, ineffective tinkering. Perhaps the government should rescind its commitment to pay for its farmer mates’ irrigation schemes. That would save millions.


  3. robertguyton says:

    I like this Judge.
    He’s a straight-shooter and sees straight through the blue cloud.


  4. jabba says:

    those bloody farmers aye bOb (and your nbff)


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