Humans behind the headlines

The headline tells us that 11 people died in a hot air balloon accident  accident near Carterton.

Behind that headline are the humans – the 11 people whose lives have been cut short; their families, friends and workmates; the people who witnessed the horror; the people in the emergency services who had to deal with the immediate aftermath; the people who reported the story; the people who will be involved in identifying the dead . . .

Those closest to the dead will already know who they are and the names will be passed to their wider circles. The rest of us will have to wait for official announcements and such are the few degrees of separation in New Zealand it is probable that we will know at least one of them, or know someone who knows them.

Last year was a tough one for so many. This one has started with a high holiday road toll, drownings, murder and now this tragic accident to remind us yet again that life is fatal and that none of us is an island.

3 Responses to Humans behind the headlines

  1. pmofnz says:

    “… or know someone who knows them.”

    Was dropping off a computer repaired overnight to an irregular local customer at a previously arranged time yesterday morning. Unfortunately they just had received the tragic news about their very close relatives and were awaiting my arrival before making a hurried departure to comfort their loved ones.

    Such is the degree of separation, even when you live nearly two hours away.


  2. Andrei says:

    Human condition – we all die!

    Do it in a spectacular fashion – it headllnes the news.

    Rot away in the old peoples home and nobody notices except for those closest to you – or in this day and age maybe not even them.

    And die in poverty under a motorway bridge – a paupers funeral awaits with just two Sallies to pay their respects.

    Death the great equalizer


  3. Yes, I was watching that last flight of the balloon, as I drove along SH! towards Greytown. One moment you are on top of the wold- and then gone…


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