Accident or design?

Is this an accident or design, an oversight or a deliberate part of the campaign?

A French fashion retailer has apologised for a photo in which a naked man appeared behind a group of children advertising beachwear – but the image has gone viral on the internet.

In a tweet La Redoute  said that it “apologises for the photo published on its site and is doing what’s necessary to remove it.

But montages appeared on the internet showing the naked man in some iconic images such as the moonlanding.

Call me cynical if you will, but given the scrutiny and enhancement photos undergo before publication in a advertisements, I find it difficult to believe that nobody noticed the naked man.

People see what they expect to see and it’s possible to miss a gorilla, but people in advertising are paid to look. When so many pairs of eyes scrutinise advertisements during the design stage, surely at least one would have seen the man sans clothes.

Hat tip: Skepticlawyer

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