Disengagement major cause of low voter turn out

Hamilton West MP Tim Macindoe, newly elected chairman of Parliament’s justice and electoral select committee, is leading an inquiry into last year’s election which will include the low turn out.

While people in some countries are still dying to gain universal suffrage and others are going to great lengths in order to exercise their right to vote, turnout in countries like ours where democracy is taken for granted has been falling for years.

November’s low turn out was due to many factors.

Among them was reporting of polls which took a first-past-the post focus on National vs Labour rather than a total right vs total left and didn’t take into account the 15% undecided. This led to people thinking their votes wouldn’t matter.

But the major cause is growing disengagement from politics and the political process.

People who are interested in politics want to be part of the process and understand the importance of being informed and involved.

MMP has led to more parties with a chance of getting into parliament but I doubt if the total of their combined membership would be anywhere near the 100,000 plus that National used to have on its own.

You don’t have to be a member of a party to be engaged in or by politics and the political process but falling membership is a symptom of disengagement.

6 Responses to Disengagement major cause of low voter turn out

  1. Andrei says:

    Disengagement major cause of low voter turn out

    Well what do you expect? – Most of us go to the polling station and it is a done deal who is going to Parliament, all worked out by the elites long before election day.

    We told our MPs they were way out of line with Sue Bradford’s bill but what did our ruling class do? Told us to get f****** and that they know better than us how to raise our kids – even the damn parliamentary sodomites did – as if they’d know anything about raising families.

    And if there was ever an example of how the ruling class can increase its depredations upon the poor it is the ETS – a wealth transfer scheme to increase the price of everything in order to feed the ruling class and their mates and to keep the peasants in their place.


  2. JC says:

    Why Andre..

    You old Socialist, you!



  3. Richard says:

    MMP has been captured by all political parties big and small. Thus, people are turned off because their vote will mean nothing. Deals are made before and during elections and after.
    You might well blame the electorate for apathy but it is the politicians who are to blame.
    HP – where were the National Party in promoting the referendum on election reform? — . Neither were any of the other parties. Closed shop for electors.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – it’s too late at the ballot box, you have to be involved in candidate selection and policy formation long before the election.

    Richard – It was the Electoral Commission’s job to promote the referendum.

    MMP favours the left and therefore isn’t liked by many in National but the party decided it would do more harm than good ot take a stand on the referendum. One of the reasons people voted for MMP in the first place was because both National and Labour opposed it.


  5. Richard says:

    Ele, The National Government were responsible for the funding of the Electoral Commission and ensuring it did it’s job. The EC did not perform.


  6. Andrei says:

    No Ele – it is an establishment closed shop and if you bring to the table issues the establishment don’t want to be talked about the door is closed and you are treated like an idiot.

    Of course the whole point of socialism is to keep people poor and divided so as better to control them and both main parties being chardonnay socialist as are the media well we are just going along for the ride.

    Eventually the bloated ruling class will go too far and it will all fall over – it was ever this way


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