Simple pleasures

The first bite of the first apricot of the season, sunwarmed and juicy.


One Response to Simple pleasures

  1. Mm. Problem is once nanny Wilkinson puts her Food Bill through, that apricot may well be more expensive, as there’ll be four layers of red tape to burst through to get it to you 😉

    Even National’s supporters should be appalled at the coercive Nanny Statism being brought in with this bill. 360 pages of legislation so complex that Wilkinson admits she herself can’t work through all the consequences (and therefore unintended consequences). All the complexity of a monstrously complex taxation system now spreading like a virus, bureaucrat to bureaucrat, to infect our food supply. It’s best coming from her supporters: please ask Nanny Wilkinson how the food bill fits in with ‘limited government’.

    And concerned individuals can think about signing the online petition, now well over 26,000 signatures:

    In fact, while at it, perhaps sign the petition to keep cellar door wine sales open as well. For some reason the party that stands for limited government are trying to close those down as well:

    Some more information about this bill:

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