Enough from Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Last year you threw just about everything you had at us – droughts, floods, snow; earthquakes and disease.

This year was supposed to be different and it is for those of us living in the south of the South Island.

But further north the endless rain is damaging strawberry crops; forced farmers to dump milk; and adding to the misery for kiwifruit growers.

It’s not doing a lot for holiday makers either and a new spate of biggish earthquakes in Christchurch will be the last straw for many.

Many individuals and the country as a whole have had enough.

Please, sit back, take a deep breath and calm down so we can too.

Yours in hope,



One Response to Enough from Mother Nature

  1. fredinthegrass says:

    Some while ago the earth shifted minutely on its axis. When asked to explain in layman’s terms the boffin said he likened it to a mother hen fluffing up and then resettling back on her eggs. When asked how long this mother hen would take to settle he felt pretty sure she would finish her ‘ruffle’ and fully settle some time this year – here’s hoping!!


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