Kiwi cricketer Dutch Player of Year

Kiwi cricketer, Peter Borren, has won CricketEurope’s Dutch Player of the Year poll.

Borren, who was beaten into second place by Henk-Jan Mol in last year’s poll, had another outstanding season in 2011, captaining VRA to their second double of championship and Twenty20 Cup in consecutive years.

Although his preparation for the World Cup was disrupted by a nagging injury he produced several memorable innings, especially his 82-ball 84 in the final game against Ireland. Unable to bowl in the first three matches, he turned in a fine spell with the ball against India, and his captaincy under great pressure was inspirational on the field and dignified off it.

If the results in the World Cup were disappointing the same cannot be said of the CB40 League, where Borren led his side to five victories and a tie in their eleven completed matches. The captain contributed 268 runs, second only to Wesley Barresi, at an average of 29.77, and claimed 12 wickets at 28.00. His 37-ball 56 not out against Derbyshire at Derby and, even more outstanding, 33-ball 71 not out (including five fours and six sixes) against Kent in Rotterdam played a key part in those two wins.

He played for Canterbury and New Zealand under-19 teams before choosing to play for the Netherlands.

You can read more about his career here.

4 Responses to Kiwi cricketer Dutch Player of Year

  1. dutchie down south says:

    with all respect and well done to Peter, but considering the scale and the popularity of cricket in Holland, its not hard to be chosen player of the year over there.
    Cricket is a popular as handball (one of the bigger sports in Holland) in New Zealand.
    Crickets’ reputation as a snob sport doesn’t help the image of it either


  2. pdm says:

    dutchie – they have beaten the Aussies though – early 70’s I think.


  3. homepaddock says:

    I was talking to Pete last night (he’s over here at the moment and that’s how I knew about the award) and he said Holland is a second tier cricketing nation, but they beat England last year.


  4. Neil says:

    Hey dutchie that comment is a bit below the belt. Saying that cricket is a snob sport is like saying that Trevor Mallard is a gentleman.
    I think we can accept that cricket is not a frontline sport in the Netherlands but at least they’re playing it.


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