Let principals and boards do what they do best

Quote of the day:

Principals and boards already have a mass of responsibilities so why do they also need to manage property portfolios that must, at some schools, be worth a fortune? It would not get schools out of the chore of fundraising, of course, but it would mean professional property managers could do what they do best, while the principals and boards focus on the role of teaching kids. Joanne Black discussing private-public partnerships in the Listener (not yet on-line).

2 Responses to Let principals and boards do what they do best

  1. TraceyS says:

    Why not instead let kids get involved in the running of all aspects of the school as part of their education? As a ten year-old I was allowed to have a go at being secretary/treasurer of our tiny country school’s PTA. My unorthodox, forward-thinking teacher could see the opportunity to learn from real experience. Our school even had a farm which provided a multitude of other learning opportunities.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Why not as well as instead of instead? Real-life practical experience generally makes learning easier and more enjoyable than theory.


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