Tax not the answer

Quote of the day:

Now, when you can explain to me how a packet of Pringles in a child’s lunchbox is somehow better than a packet of nuts and raisins, I will agree that a tax on sugar is a good thing.

Macdoctor in sugar sickness.

He was responding to a column from Tony Falkenstein who suggested a sugar tax was the best way to fight obesity.

3 Responses to Tax not the answer

  1. Andrei says:

    We pay these idiots, parasites who produce nothing, make nothing – over educated idiots.

    Nobody lives forever – we all die sometime.

    In 1900 people were lucky to see their 60th birthday, in 2000 people are quite likely to celebrate their eightieth – FFS

    Does this lame brain really think that by taxing sugar people will live to ninety.

    And anyway is longevity really such a blessing – you ever been in the high needs unit of a nursing home? Maybe a heart attack at sixty five is not such a bad thing


  2. homepaddock says:

    Andrei – you’re right, life is fatal and the length of life isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality of life.


  3. JC says:

    Thing is.. people live to 80+ now as a matter of course. The silly buggers didn’t realise that two roasts a week, a mad bout of drinking during the 6 oclock swill, lashings of ice cream and other puddings, full cream every night, fish and chips on Friday night, corned beef, bacon and eggs for breakfast, no gym work, and fatty mince or sausages was sending them to their graves.



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