11/20 in the Impossible Quiz.

That makes me smarter than 82.36% of people but given several of my answers were guesses I’m not going to let that go to my head.

At least two questions required knowledge which people outside the USA are unlikely to have so we could mark ourselves out of 18.

5 Responses to 11/20

  1. Bill Forster says:

    Ooooh I feel very boastful, but I’d can’t help pointing out I got 18, so by your reckoning 100%. But I’m not sure which two questions you are discounting …


  2. PurpleSouth says:

    I only got 10……..


  3. homepaddock says:

    Bill – Boast away – I did it a second time and still got only 16.

    The questions I’m discounting are the one which requires you know how to score US sports # 18 (which also requires you to know about Aussie Rules football) and the first one – I took it those are US gambling terms, but maybe they’re universal?

    Purple South – still better than average.


  4. Bill Forster says:

    Well I suppose “snakes eyes” is American vernacular, but it’s not too hard to guess from the context it means two ones thrown with a pair of die. The other three possibilities in that question are not even slightly America-centric, I would have thought. So that question is basically a simple probabilities question. The other question you talk about requires a little knowledge of one sport that is played more-or-less only in America and another sport that is played more-or-less only in Australia, plus tennis and cards which are played more-or-less everywhere. So that’s basically a “reasonably broad knowledge of sport and games” question.

    Actually if I had to have guessed your two US only questions I would have gone for the one which needed knowledge of an American beer brand and Michael Jordan’s jersey number, plus maybe the daylight saving in the US before 2007 question. I was lucky to have an inkling of the beer brand. The jersey number I used internally was 23, but that was his professional number, not sure about his college number, so I was a long way from certain. The daylight saving one could be managed easily enough without knowing the exact month, simply a month in their spring / our autumn was good enough.

    I was defeated completely by the “one legged woman” question and annoyingly in retrospect by the “psycho” question. The last question was the only absolute guess I got lucky with (I missed the trick with that one).


  5. Deborah says:

    14 for me, with a couple of unlucky guesses.


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