Vounteering for Christchurch again

Federated Farmers isn’t making a mass call for farmers to mobilise to help in Chirstchurch as they did in February and June because it’s the busiest time of the year.

However, Federated farmers in partnership with the Student Volunteer Army will be helping where they can:

Open call for volunteers (Boxing Day and December 27) A two-day operation is being led by the Student Volunteer Army (SVA) for Boxing Day (December 26) as well as on December 27. The SVA has established a Volunteering Centre at the QEII (Queen Elizabeth II carpark).  Please click here for a map.

Farmers, if you are available, are invited to turn-up anytime from 9am on either Boxing Day or December 27. It is important to go to QEII first as this is to coordinate teams. There will be no Federated Farmers Farmy Army base camp as in previous operations.

Farmers are asked to bring their own equipment (trailer, shovel & barrow etc), lunch, water and sunscreen. Please also remember to bring your own personal protection equipment and a change of clothing.

If you can’t shovel, feel free to bring some food to distribute.

Areas of need Many would have seen images on the news and it is felt a two-day operation would largely break the back of the immediate problem. Please note that streets in the Bexley area are flooded and volunteers are currently advised to stay away.

Some final thoughts If you are in a position to spare a few hours on December 26 and/or December 27, it will be appreciated. That said, this is the business time of the year for farming and we know the commitment that means.

This year has been devastating to Christchurch but the Canterbury spirit lives on. On behalf of everyone who has served in or helped the Farmy Army, no matter how small or large, can we say all say a collective and sincere thank you.

One of the linings to the earthquake clouds has been the community spirit shown by students, famers and other volunteers who have done so much to help people in so much need.


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