This is my favourite week of the year.

It’s too late to worry about what’s left on this year’s things-to-do list and too early t think about next year’s.

There’s enough food left over from Christmas to feed us and any waifs and strays who turn up without any effort.

There’s Christmas books to read – autobiographies of Fleur Sullivan and Alison Holst for openers.

There’s family and friends calling.

The sun’s shining.


4 Responses to Bliss

  1. pdogge says:

    You forgot the cricket…


  2. homepaddock says:

    You’re right, I did forget the cricket – and the yacthing.


  3. Merry Christmas Ele
    You enjoy the Fleur book.
    I interviewed Fleur some years back.
    She’s had an interesting and challenging life.


  4. bulaman says:

    Shearing today and gliding at Omarama for a couple of days.. Rain for the fireworks in Timaru at new year..

    “Climate is what we expect
    Weather is what we get”

    Mark Twain.



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