Deep fried butter balls – yuk!

Scotland, the country that introduced deep-fried mars bars to the world has brought us another way to harden the arteries – deep fried butter balls.

Yuk, any more of this and I’ll have to disown my tartan genes.

2 Responses to Deep fried butter balls – yuk!

  1. johnsonmike says:

    The first deep fried Mars bars I ever encountered were at a fish and chippery in Paraparaumu and I assumed they were a local speciality.

    A few years later I saw them in a fish shop in Australia and thought maybe they came from there.

    Never realised the Scots were behind it!

    Maybe I go into the wrong places in NZ but I have still to see them anywhere else but that Paraparaumu one.


  2. jabba says:

    easy wash it down with a fine single malt like The Glenlivet.
    My dad used to love fine food like fried black pudding, liver kidneys bacon and onion and good old tripe.


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