Complimenting, complementing or competing?

Is it a a compliment to Finance Minister Bill English that Labour has not now has a Finance spokesman and four associates opposing him?

The four could complement the work David Parker will do but Dene Mackenzie points out they will also be competing with him:

Labour finance spokesman David Parker faces a daunting task of not only taking on Finance Minister Bill English in the House but in also keeping his four associate spokesmen in line. . .

While it can be argued Mr Shearer sees finance as the main focus of his new line-up, Mr Parker will need to rein in the substantial egos of the four other men. It could also be seen  as a lack of confidence in Mr Parker, that he has four associates to back him up.   

Mr Cunliffe was defeated as leader and is unlikely to have  too many warm feelings for Mr Parker. Mr Jones completes his rehabilitation back to the front bench and will want to make his mark during debates in the House.   

Mr Cosgrove, although defeated in his treasured Waimakariri      electorate, is not short of confidence.   

Mr Mallard, who actively worked with former leader Phil Goff and former deputy Annette King to have Mr Shearer elected,      has worked in associate finance roles previously, with former finance minister Michael Cullen.   

Mr Parker will find himself competing for speaking time with Messrs Cunliffe, Cosgrove and Jones.

He’ll also be competing with Finance spokespeople from other opposition parties and his leader didn’t give him a ringing endorsement when announcing the caucus line-up:

“. . . I’m not saying it will be better or worse, I’m saying it will be very different. . . “

Different but not necessarily better on top of the imposition assitance of four associates is no compliment and it’s hardly a ringing endorsement of Parker when the associates are less likely to complement him than compete with him.

4 Responses to Complimenting, complementing or competing?

  1. pdm says:

    A technical point HP. Should not at the end of line one be now?


  2. homepaddock says:

    PDM – yes, I started to type not only . . . but then changed my mind but didn’t change the not.


  3. The Gantt Guy says:

    Nice one, Ele. Mr 20.9% the smartest guy in the room. Lol.


  4. johnsonmike says:

    Mr Parker will find himself competing for speaking time with Messrs Cunliffe, Cosgrove and Jones.

    Actually, no. The whips decide the speaking line-up in conjunction with the leader and chief of staff. The speaking list is then provided to the Speaker who chooses the next speaker on that basis.

    Cunliffe will simply not be allowed to outshine Parker in the House. He’ll be lucky to get a speaking position on anything he could make an impact with.

    Does Dene Mackenzie actually work in the press gallery or does he pontificate from Dunedin? He certainly has little grasp of how Parliament actually works.

    Additionally I find it hilarious the obsession of right-wing bloggers with the Labour Party!


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