Sideshows still going on

One of the problems which dogged Phil Goff’s leadership of the Labour Party was sideshows by members of caucus which took the focus off him.

The change of leader hasn’t changed that.

When a new leader takes charge it’s both good manners and good sense for the rest of the party to give him some clear air to get all the positive media focus he can get.

Yet just one day after David Shearer became Labour’s leader its immediate-past deputy, Annette King was making news:

Her parliamentary ambitions are over, but Annette King may now turn her thoughts to the Wellington mayoralty.  

It’s possible she was just responding to a question from a reporter but even so she could have waited to talk about that and  should have waited for what came next:

. . .  but there is a hint of bitterness.

“It’s interesting that, when I read the history of all the people who are responsible for all of our party, that somehow I never get mentioned.

“I actually chaired it all, pushed most of it through, but never mind, it’s always men that get the greater accolades here.”

 The Labour caucus had been more united in recent years than she could remember and Mr Shearer would ease concerns about divisions through the appointment of portfolios, she said.

United in their divisions perhaps, including the one between the men and women.

As for easing concerns about divisions through the appointment of portfolios, is that a not too veiled threat about the consequences should she not get the appointment she wants?


Adolf points out in a comment that David CUnliffe isn’t playing nicely either:

Defeated Labour leadership contender David Cunliffe will not say if he will accept an invitation to be on the party’s front bench, as he needs time to “work out what’s in my gut”.

What’s in his gut, could it be bile?

5 Responses to Sideshows still going on

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Cunliffe must be very close to getting his throat cut. This morning he has indicated he hasn’t yet decided to accept a portfolio if offered!!!

    He is providing Mr Shearer with a golden early opportunity to demonstrate some steel in the backbone.

    “Pour encourager les autres.”


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Adolf, I’ve updated the post with a link to that story.


  3. Richard says:

    There is quality that is missing in Labour – dignity; bearing, conduct–


  4. JC says:

    A media type suggested King might be interested in the Wgton mayoralty. And as she said to Mike Hosking “You never say never”.. and then said that if she was unequivocal about saying no, and then changed her mind, she would be accused of being just another lying politician.



  5. Hugh Allan says:

    Cunliffe appears to being scapegoated for Labour’s failures. Guess we’ve run out of witches and Jews…or Polynesians and poor?


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