Shearer competition

Kaikoura MP Colin King was a champion shearer in a past life and has been having a bit of fun on Facebook:

Colin King

What would you know – I got competition – Labour has got a shearer!!!

To which some of his friends responded:

  • § not much competition at that

11 hours ago ·

  • § Labour = fleece the middle class
  • § Give him a battle!

11 hours ago ·

  • § must be speed shear time

10 hours ago ·

  • § I guess it’s a socialist plan to pull the wool over hard working NZer’s eyes again

10 hours ago · ·

  • § Time to shear it and sell it! Its the only way we can pay for there plans

9 hours ago ·

  • § gee… didn’t Grant Robertson look sheepish today….. plotting away….

9 hours ago ·

  • § Is it true that David Shearer & Helen Clarke did an Overseas Job Exchange back in 2008? Seems he’s now renegged on the deal and want’s to keep her seat!

2 Responses to Shearer competition

  1. Gravedodger says:

    LOL a real lefty in the National Party not one who finished up in the wrong team though, Colin King is vastly underated by the beltway but clearly his electorate rate him with a majority north of 10 000

    Colin King was a remarkable Man when I first crossed his path in the 70s when he shore for us in Waipara.
    He Is southpaw and for the uninitiated that means a lot of extra effort to place the sheep reversed for the fixed Machine down Tube.
    When he won his first Golden Shears Open Championship he had to contend with a right hand setup, a significant handicap.
    The following year when defending his title the quick thinkers who were running the event had modified a stand for all the lefthanders thus creating a level playing field.


  2. Andrei says:

    This shows why Labour is irrelevant – representative democracy should mean MPs represent the people and have walked the walk whereas Labour seems to me to be misnamed given the plethora of professional politicians within its ranks for whom labour in the physical sense is something that other people do


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