Wine & cows part 2

Following on from the previous post, scientists think that cows fed on the dregs left over from wine making produce less methane.

New research has found a convenient and practical use for the leftover  material from wine-making that will help two sometimes fiercely competing  worlds; the environment and agriculture.

When fed the stems, seeds and skins that were left over from making red wine,  material known as grape marc, the methane emissions from dairy cows dropped by  20 per cent.

The study, conducted at the Victorian Department of Primary Industries dairy  research centre, also found that the cows’ milk production increased by 5 per  cent, while the healthy fatty acids in their milk also rose.

They don’t say how much wine we’d all have to drink to produce the feed, nor whether drinking it would negate any benefits from milk with more healthy fatty acids and antioxidents.

2 Responses to Wine & cows part 2

  1. so it will soon be my patriotic duty to drink more wine. Does the quality of the wine make any difference? are aussie reds acceptable?

    What does wowser sellman have to say about this/

  2. homepaddock says:

    If you’re being patriotic you should stick to NZ wines, that way you’ll help the wine Industry here too.

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