Now they tell us

The election was nearly two weeks ago and only now is there news about one of the new MPs.

One of New Zealand First’s newest MPs is trying to make his mark by saying  burqas should be banned, military training should be compulsory and police, taxi  drivers, dairy owners and bank tellers should be armed.

Had the media been doing its job properly there would have been profiles of all candidates likely to enter parliament before the election.

It could have made a difference to how people voted.

Although when so many people believe in alien visitations and psychic powers, maybe it wouldn’t.




20 Responses to Now they tell us

  1. Ross says:

    Ah, Mr Prosser. A very short reading of any Investigate Magazine edition would have told you about his views Ele.

    They have been in the public domain for some time.

  2. Andrei says:

    Although when so many people believe in alien visitations and psychic powers, maybe it wouldn’t.

    I wonder what percentage of people believe in results from pap public opinion surveys?

  3. Whaleoil sums it up nicely:

    New lunatic NZ First MP advocates banning the burqa and the compulsory arming of taxi drivers and dairy owners.

    Which means, in part, the compulsory arming of Muslim immigrants, who may be a bit angry about being told what their wife can and can’t wear.

    I don’t think this goose has thought through his idea.

  4. Whoops; hit the “Post Comment button too soon; meant to close with – don’tcha just love MMP?

  5. Gravedodger says:

    Fair comment Ross but many of us don’t bother with “Investigate Magazine for so many reasons and I personally do not regard it as required reading for Moi.

    OTH with many of the retards who voted for the Dwarf “to keep the others honest” cough cough cough, excuse me, and didn’t realise he would bring in his coterie of disciples, Ele’s post about the serious deficiency exposed as to the effectiveness of the MSM in informing the voters, is valid.

    On that one Press Release, Prosser has proved on thing, his populist, xenophobic and downright idiotic notions of authorising an arming of the populace he is a good fit for The Pensioner of St Marys Bay, Mr Jan Trotman.

    Arrrgh the wonderful MMP system deliver another one who would never make it under any other system than perhaps SM.

    How many of the good burghers of Waimakariri voted for him again, around 350 from memory.

    BTW Ross I rarely read “The Standard” either and then only to keep a tab on the enemy.

  6. DyannT says:

    As more of the beliefs of NZ First MPs come to light, it could be an interesting exercise for a wet Sunday afternoon to collate the list of criteria that Winston used to pick his “team”.

    Would make a change from the crossword puzzle or Sudoku.

  7. Neil says:

    It’s great how these “reotards” slipped into parliament
    Great qualifications,great beliefs and really representing ordinary New Zealanders !!.
    It all goes back to the political antennae of New Zealanders who still think the moon is made of green cheese.People look to Winston for honesty and openness- what a lot of rot. He’s a bully, a man who lives by the fact that some 10 percent of the population are politically illiterate.
    Just remember the NZF MP who slipped into parliament in 2002 with a Ph.D- however in fact his degree came from one of the US universities who offer a degree course and degree for two weeks work.
    As for Investigate,it comes from the conspiracy theory stable. Enough said.

  8. Colin McIntyre says:

    So much for MMP. Clutha Southland is a case in point.If Bill English and his minders had emulated John Key with his advice re Epsom, Don Nicolson (ACT) would have joined the circus in the asylum.
    We certainly deserve two representatives in the Beehive.
    The same procedure if adopted by other National MPs, well up their party list, may well have helped stem the tide of NZ First and Greens.

  9. robertguyton says:

    Charter schools – now they tell us!

    Bill doesn’t let votes slip through his net, Colin.
    Votes are like notes – gather them in and lock the door.

  10. homepaddock says:

    Colin – If I remember correctly, Rodney Hide won Epsom the first time by his own efforts. It was only in subsequent elections that Act and National suggested people split their votes to keep him there.

  11. jabba says:

    AHH, the Greens, can’t wait to see what their 13-14 MP’s will offer up .. I’m sure JK will throw some crumbs their way but what a waste of space the greens, Mana and Winny1st are .. all on a min of $140k each .. bOb could have been one of them if he hadn’t chickened out.
    Gotta love MMP

  12. Ross says:

    You know RG would probably make quite a good leftie politician – he certainly never lets facts get in the way of his opinions 🙂

  13. jabba says:

    a pairing of delahuntly and our bOb would be deadly .. like 2 peas (organic) in a pod

  14. robertguyton says:

    I smell your fear, Bryson.
    I find it oddly satisfying.

  15. Roger says:

    Likewise we smell youir fear RG. Two schools to trial a system and the left and trade unions completely lose perspective…talk about fear. Gee, it might work?

  16. Colin McIntyre says:

    The fact that Rodney Hide won Epsom the first time, by his own efforts, is irrelevant.
    Not too surprised that National scored an own goal as in my humble opinion they do not seem to understand the state of play in todays world.

  17. jabba says:

    “they do not seem to understand the state of play in todays world”
    gee wizzzz .. and a bizzare combo of Labour/greenis/mana/Winny1st do?

  18. robertguyton says:

    Roger – I expect it would work. If National, desirous of introducing an alternative to state schooling that will give the private sector an opportunity to gain a foothold in the ‘business’ of schooling, would ensure that it ‘worked’.
    Given that my only comment here regarding charter schools was,
    “Charter schools – now they tell us!”, your ‘smelling fear’ tells me that you’ve got malfunctioning nostrils.
    Have them seen to asap!

  19. Grumpy says:

    If only . . If only new MPs would remember the words of Sir Keith Holyoake to new MPs; “Sit still and breathe through your nose,” then perhaps they may not make bigger fools of themselves than Nature did. This moron has not been sworn in as an MP yet he makes his idiot pronouncement.

  20. Redbaiter says:

    This moron has not been sworn in as an MP yet he makes his idiot pronouncement.

    Damn fool. Its from his writings yonks ago.

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