Fonterra takes sharper focus on water quality

Fonterra will require all suppliers to fence all waterways on their farms which are covered by the Clean Streams Accord.

Fonterra’s General Manager Milk Supply Steve Murphy says since signing the Clean Streams Accord eight years ago, the co-operative has made measurable progress on protecting New Zealand’s waterways.

“In addition, our Every Farm Every Year programme introduced last year has achieved improvements in effluent compliance.  We are heading in the right direction and are now taking the next step by introducing a clause that will mean the Co-operative’s 10,500 suppliers will be required to fence all Accord waterways on their farms.

“Fonterra is committed to doing its bit to look after our environment.  Ensuring stock stay out of lakes, rivers and streams is fundamental to maintaining water quality and this clause sets a clear Fonterra standard for all of our farmers.”

Many farmers have already done this but some are lagging behind and Fonterra’s contractual requirement will ensure they comply with the standard expected on all farms.

Oh, and what consitutes a waterway?

Accord waterways are defined in the Dairying and Clean Streams Accord as deeper than a red-band gumboot, wider than stride (one metre) and permanently flowing.

Would anyone else in the world have a gumboot measurement? And are all red-bands the same height?

2 Responses to Fonterra takes sharper focus on water quality

  1. Nice use of the gumboot metric, though the Selwyn River wouldn’t be a waterway by this definition – it regularly goes dry at the SH1 bridge and elsewhere.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    @ Daniel Collins,
    It was the same when I first crossed it over 60 years ago when Ti Pirita was as close to a desert as imagined with danthonia and matagouri supporting less than one skinny sheep to the acre.
    Wondered why they had a big bridge (I was about a 7 yo) over a dry river bed. There was another one albeit much smaller, on the North side Of the Balmoral Forest aptly named “Dry Creek” that now, with the advent of irrigation, runs a healthy head 12 months of the year, Bastards.

    Head West to White Cliffs or East to Coes Ford, there must be a good flow under the shingle at Dunsandal.

    Good initiative by Fonterra.
    Carrots will beat cudgels in business any day though.

    One of the outcomes of my sojourn in the McKenzie Basin recently was the final acceptance of reality over nostalgia demonstrated by the contrast between productive green swards and the depressing landscape of Hieracium and Briar that survived the Rabbits.
    Water Baby water and if anyone wants to get an impression of the “good old days” stop off at Tekapo and view the Tussock Landscape of the new Subdivision to the East of Town.
    There were Millions of acres of that landscape at the beginning of last century and still largely intact even if already under threat when I first traveled Hyway 8 in the 60s, but it is gone, as in gone, alas.


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