Scotland The Brave

It’s St Andrew’s Day.

Probably best known as the patron saint of Scotland, his patronage also covers of Ukraine, Russia, Sicily, Greece, Romania, Diocese of Parañaque, Philippines, Amalfi, Luqa (Malta) and Prussia; Diocese of Victoria, fishermen, fishmongers, rope-makers, golfers and performers.

You can find 10 more facts about him here

In recognition of my tartan genes and in memory of my father who would have been 99 a couple of weeks ago, here’s Scotland the Brave:

P.S. While searching YouTube for a clip to post I came across this one of the Black Watch march past in Dundee, which was Dad’s home town, and on another clip this comment:

There’s an old scottish saying…

We’ll play the bagpipes until the english love ’em!

P.P.S. It’s also Andrei’s name day.

6 Responses to Scotland The Brave

  1. pdm says:

    Dundee is one of the few places of consequence in Scotland that we haven’t taken a look at.

    It might be a bit damp there today as my cousins daughter has a photo on Facebook of the river Teith at Callander in high flood. Presumably Dundee copped it too.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Dundee’s definitely worth a visit, close to Galmis Castle. My aunt and uncle took us for a lovely walk round a loch nearby, though I can’t recal its name.


  3. Richard says:

    Great clip. Started with “Scotland the Brave” then quickly moved to “Black Bear” – better piece in my view.
    A few years prior to this clip, the Pipe Major of The Black Watch was Pipe Major Duthie who was from, New Zealand, Te Anau, I think – quite an achievement


  4. Andrei says:

    Thanks for remembering Ele – nasty medicine is making me grumpy at times – .you shone light into the day

    Here is the Troparion to St Andrew, it actually starts at 1:30 into the video. If you are puzzled by the date the Julian calendar 30 November equates to 13 December on the Gregorian.

    There is can be little more beautiful in this world than human voices singing together joined in common purpose – Choirs make the best music of all


  5. Richard says:

    pdm reminds of the poet – possibly the worst in the world, William Topaz McGonigall (he born in Ireland) but lived in Dundee.
    Whenever I am asked to sing a song or do something at a party, I always resort to McGonigall:
    1. “On younder hill there stood a ” douket ” ( home for racing pigeons), but its no there noo”
    2. “On younder hill there stood a coo- it;s noo there noo.”
    As a preamble you can explain at length what a douket and coo is, so that you are never invited again to make a contribution- works a treat.
    As for the Tay River (rather than pdm’s Teigh- but the same) WTM has this:
    “The Tay, the Tay, goes in and out every day.”


  6. homepaddock says:

    “There is can be little more beautiful in this world than human voices singing together joined in common purpose – Choirs make the best music of all”

    IAndrei, I second that and think it’s sad that few weddings and funerals now have singing when all present can join in one voice.

    Richard – I thought of you when choosing the clip. Dundee has much to be proud of but I’m not sure I’d include WTM.


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