When A City Falls

Those of us haven’t lived through the Canterbury earthquakes can’t fully understand what it’s like, but this film, When A CIty Falls, will help.

Hat tip: Raymond Huber

2 Responses to When A City Falls

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I still struggle with the feeling of surreal disbelief I recall, standing in our family room 30 kms from the epicenter and less than 40 kms from my City on its knees, knowing we had no new damage, severely shaken but in total disbelief.
    A bit similar to my initial reaction to 9/11 when waking to my still running TV.
    Incomprehensible is a reasonable descriptive


  2. One of our Chch staff went to see the film at the weekend, and cried the whole way through it; but she felt cleansed as well, knowing that so many of the emotions she had felt had been captured for posterity.


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