Provinces still blue minus one – updated

Three years ago the map of the South Island was blue except for red dots in Christchurch and Dunedin.

Now Damien O’Connor has reclaimed West Coast-Tasman there’s a big red splash over there. However, Kate Wilkinson won Waimakiriri for National from Labour’s Clayton Cosgrove so that seat is now blue.

Ian Lees-Galloway held on to Palmerston North so Labour still  holds just two provincial seats.

But O’Connor is the one who chose not to stand on his party’s list because it was dominated by a “gaggle of gays and unionists” and people on the Primary Production select committee tell me that Lees-Galloway has no sympathy for nor understanding of farmers.

Labour is still very much a big-city party and it didn’t do very well there last night either, especially in the South Island.

Michael Woodhouse pulled Labour’s majority in Dunedin North back to 3,304 compared with 7155 in  2008. He was up against a new candidate in David Clark but National’s Party vote of 8,276 was only a few hundred behind Labour’s 8,863.

In Dunedin South National did even better, with a party vote of 13,190 compared with Labour’s 11,429. National’s candidate Joanne Hayes with 11,892 votes nearly halved Labour MP Clare Curran’s majority.

Three years ago when she was a new candidate Curran gained 6,449 votes and had a majority of 6,449, this time she dropped to 15,759 and a majority of 3,867 in what is one of the reddest electorates in the country.

In Clutha Southland Bill English won 19.726 votes, a majority of 14,915 and the party vote was 18,427 for National compared with 4,710 for Labour.

In Invercargill Eric Roy has a majority of 5,766 and National gained 15,089, nearly half of the 30,382 party vote.

Jacqui Dean held Waitaki with 21,404, a majority of 12,963 (up from a majority of 11,039 in 2008) and National gained 19,544 party votes from a  total of 35,622. Labour got only 7,627.

In Rangitata Jo Goodhew’s majority dropped a little which is probably a reflection on the strong support for Allan Hubbard and dismay over the statutory management of  South Canterbury Finance the Hubbards. She won 18,410 votes, a majority of 6,006 compared with 21,759 and a majority of 8,112  three years ago. National attracted 18,064 compared with 18,441  in 2008. Labour dropped from 13,230 to 9,113 in the party vote.

In Selwyn, Amy Adams gained 22,669 votes and National got 20,749 party votes.

If the election was a referendum on how the government has handled the earthquake recovery then Christchurch is supportive.

National’s Nicky Wagner and Labour’s Brendan Burns are drawn in Christchurch Central. Kate Wilkinson took Waimakariri and National got a party vote of 18,764 compared with Labour’s 7,746; and Gerry Brownlee held Illam with a majority of 11,935 and National’s party vote was 17,672 compared with Labour’s 5,723.

9 Responses to Provinces still blue minus one – updated

  1. pmofnz says:

    PN provincial?

    You jest. It is inundated with students with their hands fully outstretched in receipt of various benefits, all voting for heaps more of the same. And not to mention the infestation of lefty academia in the same electorate that is Massey.

    (Probably off Murray’s Xmas card list for that slight on his alma mater now)


  2. Bulaman says:

    O’Connor at least is not partly of the “gaggle”. Offer him the Agriculture Ministry and he will jump the Waka!


  3. Andrei says:

    Damien O’Connor has reclaimed West Coast-Tasman

    See what can be achieved with a good local candidate who relates well with the voters even if not necessarily so well with the party list committee.


  4. homepaddock says:

    Being less against farmers and the provinces than the rest of Labour doesn’t make him for them, Bulaman.

    Andrei – you’re right.


  5. Cadwallader says:

    It is a pity O’Connor didn’t stand as an independent. He is pro-mining and enjoys huge support on the Coast.


  6. Spot on Ele with your observations on Dunedin South and that surprised me, I lived in Dunedin South for many years and Curren really needs to lift her game. I think she has the potential to be a star in Labour but how many times has she gone off message I lose count. Ironic that she has a media PR background. Even more Ironic when I hear Nash moaning about Nationals unfair advantage in PR resources.

    If Labours response to this is to sit around making excuses for two and half years then we can wave good bye to 2014, the result is awful for Labour but not for the left. I am optimistic


  7. Jo Blue says:

    I wouldn’t say Jo Goohew’s majority dropped ‘a little’…around 25% from 2008! That is not ‘a little’ in ‘my books’! And you have made a mistake. South Canterbury Finance isn’t/never was in statutory management.


  8. Jo Blue says:

    And I have made a mistake ‘Goodhew’ N.B. I’m only ‘Blue’ by name!


  9. homepaddock says:

    Jo – you’re right, it was the Hubbards not SCF under statutory management.


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