All over bar the counting – live blogging election results

November 26, 2011

National gained 48% of the vote which gives it 60 seats.

It will lead the next government, John Key is still Prime Minister.

Party vote for National  in Dunedin South:  13,190, Labour 11,429. In Dunedin North National gained 8,276 party votes, only just behind Labour’s 8,863.

Bill English gained 19,726 in Clutha Southland, and has a majority of 14,915.

Jacqui Dean gained 21, 404 votes in Waitaki, increasing her majority by a couple of thousand votes.

9:59: Eric Roy confirmed in Invercargill with a majority of 5.766

9:53: Jonathan Young has a majority of 4,109 over Andrew Little.

The Electoral Commission has overall status here, Electorate status here, electorate details here,

8:50:  Dunedin Souuth: National 4,972 and Labour 3,982 With 37% of  booths counted.

8:15:  WIth 93.9% of advance votes counted in the referendum MMP is ahead on 54%.

7:40: the rest home and hospital vote is giving NZ First 7%,  let’s hope it goes well down from there.

The polls are closed.

All we can do now is wait, and hope, as the counting takes place.

I’ll be updating this post sporadically through the evening.

Unsticky sticker

November 26, 2011

I’ve voted and now all fingers and toes are crossed that enough other people have done as I did.

The I’ve voted sticker I got for ticking four times fell off minutes after I stuck it to my blouse.

I hope my vote is stronger than the unsticky sticker.

NZ to host world netball series

November 26, 2011

New Zealand has won the right to host  the World Fastnet Netball Series for a three year term.

It won’t be quite as big as the Rugby World Cup, but it should be fun and good for the sport.


‘Tis the season . . .

November 26, 2011

. . . for new potatoes and you won’t find any finer than these.

Rare Earth new potatoes are grown a few kilometres south of Oamaru in tarry Totara  soils.

The link above will take you to a photo.

There are no new potatoes more delicious than those from around Oamaru and these are the best.

Best served simply – rub the dirt off the skins under running water, boil until tender in water with a sprig of mint.

Drain and serve.

I don’t even add butter, but those who do say they’re even better that way.

Election results

November 26, 2011

Polls close at 7pm.

The Electoral Commission will post results here.

They are aiming to have all advance results, including the referendum released by 8.30; general election results from 50% of polling booths by 10pm and resutls from all polling places by 11:30.

Official results for the election and referendum will be published by 2pm on Saturday December 10.

Brain teaser

November 26, 2011



means man overboard then what do the following mean:








feet feet feet feet feet feet

He’s X himself



death ….. life





Answers follow the break:

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Pukeko Bird of Year

November 26, 2011

The Pukeko has won Forest and Bird’s title of Bird of the Year.

It won 1480 votes in what ended up as a two-bird race with the kakapo, which gained 1068 votes.

Forest & Bird’s Advocacy Manager Kevin Hackwell says the pukeko is one of the best ambassadors for our wetlands.

“These swamp hens love feeding on the grubs and plants that can be found in our wetlands,” says Kevin Hackwell. . .

The pukeko is thought to have landed on our shores around a thousand years ago from Australia.

Broadcaster Damian Christie – a long-time pukeko supporter and former pukeko campaign manager – says it is a pioneering success story.

“It’s an immigrant that set off at great personal risk and without the aid of modern navigational devices to build a home here in Aotearoa. And it didn’t just survive, it thrived. I like to think there’s a little bit of pukeko in all of us.”

The emperor penguin – not traditionally seen as a New Zealand native but boosted by Happy Feet’s surprise visit earlier this year – polled 12th. . .

This is the seventh year Forest & Bird has run the popularity contest. Past winners include the tui, fantail, grey warbler, the kakapo, the kiwi and last year’s victor was the kakariki.

This year’s results were:

1. Pukeko (1480)

2. Kakapo  (1068)

3. Hihi (756)

4. Kaka (562)

5. Tui (319)

6. Saddleback (304)

7. Ruru (Morepork) 291

8. Kea (209 )

9. Kokako (188)

10. Fantail (177)

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