Vote for left vote for uncertain leadership

Few people expect Phil Goff to continue as leader for long if he isn’t able to become Prime Minister tomorrow.

But what will happen if he is?

He hasn’t been able to keep his caucus disciplined, loyal and united in opposition. How would he do it in government when he not only has to keep his own team under control but deal with the unstable stack of coalition partners as well?

The only reason no-one had the guts to challenge Goff is that the Labour leadership was regarded as a poisoned chalice and no-one was willing to be tainted by it.

But ousting the Prime Minister at the start of his tenure would be a much more attractive proposition than taking over from the leader of an opposition most thought was doomed to lose the election.

The policies a coalition of the left would foist upon us would be damaging enough. Adding unstable leadership to a shaky stack of mismatched parties would do even more harm.

A vote for the left isn’t just a vote for instability, it’s a vote for uncertain leadership.


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