Poliltical compass points me nowhere

Liberation suggests people who are undecided about who to vote for tomorrow try the political compass.

I did and got this result:

Economic left/right 3:88; social libertarian/authoritarian -2.87 is slightly  more centrist and libertarian than last time I did the test when I was right  4.38, Libertarian: -1.74.

But it’s absolutely useless as a guide for voting because there are no  New Zealand parties in that square:

I’m taking that as an indication of faults in the test and analysis of the parties rather than my decision and sticking with two ticks for National.

4 Responses to Poliltical compass points me nowhere

  1. JC says:

    Don’t forget the Libertarianz Party 🙂



  2. Redbaiter says:

    Make sure you forget the Libertarian Party


  3. Redbaiter says:

    That test is a useless farce.

    All the questions are predicated on sickeningly liberal presumptions.

    Utterly worthless.

    The Greens are not Authoritarian but the most Libertarian of all parties??

    God give me strength….!!!


  4. Mort says:

    HAH the greens libertarian… they are the the most authoritarian party on the ballot sheet.
    how many things do they want to ban?


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