Who’d work with whom?

John Key has proved he can work with some unlikely coalition partners.

He’s managed to provide a strong and stable government with Act to the right or him and the Maori and United Parties to the left.

How would you rate Phil Goff’s chances of keeping together the stack of colation partners he’d have to appease?

They’re not even in negotiation yet and already the Maori Party is unenthusiastic about one of the other parties  which would be in the stack. Deborah Coddington left this comment:

What newsrooms should really be asking the Greens is whether they can work with the Maori Party. I interviewed Tariana Turia today and asked her if she can work with the Greens and her response was astounding. I asked her if she trusted the Greens to return the conservation estate to tangata whenua and her response was an unequivocal, “I don’t believe they would”.

I asked her about the Greens’ policy to put a price on water for irrigation, and the tangata whenua’s very strong relationship with waters and rivers, and what she thought about who that money should be going to, under principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. Her reply: “I’ve always been a bit suspicious of him [Russel Norman]…I don’t think they’re as honest as they make out to be.”

Someone, she said, should be putting these questions to the Greens before Saturday.

Someone should, but will they? See why do the Greens get such an easy ride? Part One for the answer.

10 Responses to Who’d work with whom?

  1. robertguyton says:

    “John Key has proved he can work with some unlikeable coalition partners.”
    Act have been a huge embarrassment to the country and themselves. They’ve torn themselves apart during their coalition with National. Now, they are a shell, with fake-Actoids Banks (Nat) and Brash (Nat) playing a suckers game and attempting to fool the public.
    The Maori Party too, have suffered huge embarrassment through their coalition with National. They are now loathed by much of their base. One of their MP’s rejected their Tory toadiness and broke free to criticise and expose them to their previous supporters.
    Stable coalition? Hardly. Captive minors more like.
    Turia, whom you quote here, is a Conservative with a capital ‘C’. You feign surprise that she would be critical of the Greens – that’s somewhat naive, Ele. That Turia is suspicious of Russel Norman gives me a great laugh, thanks for that. I imagine that had you reported that she was enormously trusting of the Greens and Russel, your audience would be more likely to be moved to indignation.
    All in all, yours is a post that’s very supportive of the Greens and I thank you.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Robert – quotation marks round a sentence mean it’s a direct quote.

    I wrote unlikely, you changed it to unlikeable.

    If you want to play with words, don’t pretend it’s a direct quote.


  3. Gravedodger says:

    A small cynical if somewhat comedic part of my Psyche would love to see Mr Goff managing a coalition of remnant labour, a green party swollen with ambition and loony economics, Dunny the chameleon, the Racist thug from the far north, the Maori party with their three years experience in government and the increasingly declining robotic Dwarf with his large ego in a following ministerial car.
    Just watching that cavalcade leaving the parliament with Campbell Garner and Gower in their clown suits going to Government House to be sworn at, I mean In, then the triumphal return to the legislature and totting up what it will all cost, Priceless.
    Then sanity returns and I turn on the gas oven, put my head in and do that in full knowledge that Robert Guyton will be celebrating a pyrrhic victory.


  4. robertguyton says:

    Satire, Ele. No reasonable person would believe that you would ever say, “John Key has proved he can work with some unlikeable coalition partners.”, no matter how obviously true that might be.
    The Act/National/Dunne/Maori hydra has been a slowly decaying, largely hidden disgrace and I like to help bring a little light to shine on that mess that John would have us believe is all hunky-tory.


  5. nellie says:

    But isn’t that what RG does – play with words, to show how much ‘cleverer’ than the rest of us he thinks he is.


  6. robertguyton says:

    Dunne in the same Government as the Greens?
    So you’ve already had your head in that oven, Gravedodger.
    I suppose it’s no more ridiculous that the present mish-mash, though a condition for allowing Dunne in would be a shave. Of his head. With a rusted, snaggy cut-throat razor, cold water and a fogged mirror.


  7. robertguyton says:

    ‘cleverer’? It’s soooo tempting to say, ‘not on your nellie’, but I don’t want to be seen as a smart-arse, so I’ll zip it.


  8. Gravedodger says:

    @ RG 11 07, It’s my visual hallucinigenic fantasy, get your grubby little green fingers off it.
    Dunne would remove his testicle to keep a ministerial warrant and the rest would swallow a three course meal of dead rats garnished with the minced testicle and finely chopped organic watercress to join him.
    Of course, nek minnit, ten minutes, whatever, an election, second/third Saturday. in February
    Jerry Matapare better be ready with the rule book.

    Of course with most nightmares one awakens and the sun rises again.


  9. nellie says:

    “but I don’t want to be seen as a smart-arse” – hahahahaha, good one RG. I actually enjoy reading most of your comments. You do have a tendency to lose witty/satirical into snide/bitter sometimes and wander of topic frequently, but I do appreciate people who think about issues and then have a considered opinion, even if it is different to mine. “Cleverer’ was a (poor I know) attempt at self-depreciating humour, but you knew that aye? But I don’t suppose you’re into self-depreciating….


  10. robertguyton says:

    Self-deprecating? A shallow commie nut-bar like me?
    Not on your …


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