Policy matters

3 Responses to Policy matters

  1. Inventory2 says:

    The roll-out of Ultra-fast Broadband to Wanganui is about to start. The Wanganui District Council has pushed hard for Wanganui to be the first city in the country for roll-out, and that’s about to happen. It’s going to make a huge difference to our business.


  2. Richard Watts says:

    If their transport policy is anything to go by it is actually a dimmer future. Repaving all those roads will be a real bitumen after peak oil starts really claiming victims.


  3. mort says:

    all and all in was all just bricks in the wall…..

    the wall being the socialist control agenda of the left, something National need to start to tear down in their next term. Every single block you have identified are things the Govt should get itself out of and let the entrepreneurs and investors sort out, with a fair reward for their risk and effort.


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