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November 12, 2011

Pollicitation – a promsie made but not yet accepted.

Why only a rort now?

November 12, 2011

Phil Goff reckons that Act going for the electorate vote in Epsom while National goes after only the party vote is rorting MMP.

If that’s rorting MMP why wasn’t not trying to win Wigram ever since Jim Anderton left Labour a rort?

And why wasn’t Peter Dunne sitting in three successive Labour cabinets after National voters elected him in the seat but ticked National for their party vote a rort?

Maybe acting within the rules of MMP to maximise the chances of governing is only a rort when it doesn’t help his party.

Saturday smiles

November 12, 2011

Two friends with radically different political views meet outside a polling booth on election day.

One turns to the other and says “You know, we’ve argued about policies and philosophy for months, and we’re obviously going to vote for different candidates. Our votes will cancel each other out anyway, so why don’t we just call it a draw and go home instead?”

The other woman pauses, thinks for a minute, nods her head and they part ways to go back to their cars.

A man who overheard the conversation approaches the dealmaker and says with admiration, “That’s a real sporting offer you just made!”

“Not really,” the woman  says, “That’s the third time I’ve done the deal this mroning.”

Know what you’re voting for

November 12, 2011

The Maxim Institute has acted on its concern about voter ignorance by developing a website, NZ Votes.Org  to educate people.

In 2011 the nzvotes website will function as a portal to a whole lot of resources that will help people learn about the candidates andparties they have to choose between at the election. It will also link them to resources to find out about the voting systems on offer in the Referendum.

Along with this we have created a few videos to help kiwis recognise the need to pay attention to politics and learn about what the different parties stand for before casting their vote.

The website is NZ Votes.Org.

The videos are here and  here.

New Zealand Cup picks

November 12, 2011

My not so fool-proof method of picking winners for racing by the names of horses and colour of the silks is foundering for the New Zealand Cup today because there aren’t many jockeys in blue.

But # 17 Triolgy, is being ridden by Daniel Stackhouse in cobalt blue so I’ll take that for a win followed by # 18 Fast Love for the name, a blue stripe over apple green with blue and yellow striped sleeves, and in the spirit of female solidarity because the jockey is a woman, Lisa Allpress.

My third pick is The Raconteur, also ridden by a woman, Samantha Collett, in emerald green  with royal blue diamonds.


Happy Birthday ODT

November 12, 2011

The Otago Daily Times, New Zealand’s oldest daily paper and the only one still under private independent ownership, is celebrating its 150th birthday.

Every day this year the ODT’s print edition has had a page counting down to the anniversary of its first publication, a small, four-page tabloid, on November 15, 1861.

On Tuesday, the paper will mark its sesquicentennial by printing a special edition covering 150 years of news and 80 additional pages and tonight the paper is hosting the province at the Big Night In at the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Top Otago young performers will be joined by national and international stars for what promises to be a spectacular show.

ODT Big Night In

Rural Affairs minister no compensation for bad rural policy

November 12, 2011

Labour plans to re-appoint a Minsiter of Rural Affairs.

Spokesperson Damien O’Connor says there is a need for advocacy and representation for rural affairs at a ministerial level.

There’s also a need for advocacy and representation for rural affairs in the Labour caucus but if there is it’s obviously too weak to prevent the development of what Federated Farmers rightly labels as hat trick of ill conceived policies for the high country,a griculture and water.

But isn’t that typical of Labour?

It would create problems for the rural community in general and farmers in particular though ill-founded policy then add to the burden of the state by appointing a Minister to give the appearance they’re doing something about the problems of their making.

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