Labour needs Budget advice

Labour’s approach to costing its election policies bemuses me.

It’s a bit like building a house without knowing how much the labour and materials will cost.

How difficult is it to cost each policy as it’s being developed and keep a running total?

Opposition parties don’t have the same access to the books the government does, but since the books were opened in the PREFU Labour has had all the information it’s needed.

National even gave them a helping hand by costing their policies for them.

A party that appears to find it so difficult to work out what its policies cost and how to pay them is in need of budget advice and obviously doesn’t have the skills needed to handle the nation’s Budget.

2 Responses to Labour needs Budget advice

  1. leftrightout says:

    So what do you call a party with a magic pudding policy?

    How many times can they spend the proceeds from assett sales?

    1. pay down debt. its already in the PREFU.

    2. paint schools. Its a promise.

    3. establish a future fund. yep, another promise.

    All this before they have received a single cent, remember the slavering merchant bankers will extract enormous fees, the global economy is tanking so buyers will be scarce and proceeds will be at or below the lowest projection.

    And Key thinks he can cost labour’s policies. magic pudding’s don’t exist John. You spend it once, you lose the future revenue forever.

  2. Scotty says:

    John Key has unwittingly opened himself to ridicule on this one.
    Labour will produce fully costed books for the everyone to see,then it will be all eyes on National to do the same.

    Rob Salmond from Pundit reports that hes uncovered mistakes tallying $7.9 billion so far (and still counting)in Nationals books.

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