Lies, holiday home omissions and parking

Websites covered on Critical Mass with Jim Mora today:

* Lies your English teacher told you Hat tip umm, I know I found that via another blog but I can’t remember which. If it was yours feel free to tell me so I can give you the credit.

* Things you should not have to ask when renting a holiday home.

* On gender and parking

The last one confirms that men do tend to be better at parking (though more likely to have accidents) than women.

I plead guilty to not being a confident parker, especially with my current car which slopes down at the front and back so I can’t see where it starts and ends.

I know I should be able to estimate how much car is sticking beyond what I can see but I don’t do it with any confidence.

3 Responses to Lies, holiday home omissions and parking

  1. Andrei says:

    I can’t resist – watch to the end, very funny

  2. Deborah says:

    That’s a great Youtube clip. I might play it for my students next year…

    The car I found easiest to park was a huge Holden station wagon. I think it was because visibility was so good, and I had a good sense of the car’s size. But for reasons that I’ve never really understood, I used to find it very, very hard to park my tiny Suzuki Swift. It was too short, or something like that, so I never got the angle right. My kids used to applaud when I parked it successfully.

  3. homepaddock says:

    Very funny, Andrei.

    Deborah I usually drive a small car but we also have a bigger 4WD, and I can’t see where either of them start and end which makes parking difficult.

    The 4WD does beep when you get close to something though which helps.

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