In memory of Richard Walls

This morning’s ODT carries the sad news of the sudden death of Richard Walls.

He won the Dunedin North seat for National in 1975, the last person from that party to hold a seat in the red city.

He was a former Dunedin mayor, current and city councillor and a businessman who was passionate about his city and the south.

I served on a board with Richard, appreciated his contributions. He often took a contrary view which made us think about an issue in a different way and he always did it with good humour.

He was also an occasional commenter, under a pseudonym, on this blog.

2 Responses to In memory of Richard Walls

  1. Richard says:

    HP, a small correction- Richard was not a “current city councillor”, he was not re-elected in the last election.
    He was devoted to serving Dunedin. He was a complete local body politician, who, perhaps, should have considered leaving politics after his mayoralty ended. But he was an example, in my view, of local and national government politicians who are paid for their services as an MP or Councilor and when their time is up, out of ideas, find the the remuneration too good to forgo.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for the correction, Richard.

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