Aussie women #1

How did I manage to overlook the build up to yesterday’s series decider between the Australian Diamonds and the Silver Ferns?

Did I not notice the interviews with players and coaches,  the commentary from experts, the media coverage of fans who were travelling to support the team or how they’d be gathering to watch at home, or wasn’t there much to notice?

For the record, the  Diamonds won  the game 44-41 in Melbourne last night.

This was their second win in three matches which gives them the Constellation Cup.

That, following the Diamonds’ World Championship win last year takes them to the number one ranking.

2 Responses to Aussie women #1

  1. gravedodger says:

    While not “blaming the Ref” as this result was another where the SFs lose from a halftime lead, but there was a very basic glaring error where the Diamonds received two successive center passoffs. A very basic error somewhat highligted by some stony responses to the gushing thanks from the Aus skipper to the two “wonderful guys” with the whistles.


  2. Luke says:

    The umpiring was poor as per usual but it didn’t effect the outcome of the series.


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